First LastName email Position
LaToya Gray email Principal
Mimi Madrid email Co-President
Christie Estes email Co-President
Laura Latham email Secretary
Kelly Cravens email Treasurer
Traci McDuffie email Legislation
OPEN   N/A Parliamentarian
Kaleigh Mason email Teacher Liaison
Julie Stearsman email Co-VP of Enrichment
Elizabeth Deal email Co-VP of Enrichment
Julie Stearsman email Curriculum Enrichment
Jennifer Hawley email Grant Writer
Amy Padgett N/A Grounds Beautification
Lucille Higgins email Grounds Beatification
OPEN   N/A Support Husky Excellence (Check Writing Campaign)
OPEN   N/A Support Husky Excellence (Check Writing Campaign)
Elizabeth Deal N/A Field Trip Coordinator
Veronica Mehmedbasic email Survey
Kelley Jones email VP of Fundraising
Betsy Katekovich email Basket Raffle
Melany Ward email Basket Raffle
Kristen Vassar email Business Partners
Traci McDuffie email Business Partners
Wendy Meyer email Carnival
Noelle Pedraza email Carnival
Hazel Kim email Zaxbys Spirit Nights
OPEN   N/A Family Nights Out
Jen McAlpin email Movie Night
Ashley Wheeler email Free Money
Becky Suid N/A Spirit Wear
Mariellen Ostwald N/A Spirit Wear
Stephanie McElheney N/A Spirit Wear
Jen Womack email Spirit Wear
Mita Bhatt email Co-VP of Events and Hospitality
Kristen Vasssar email Co-VP of Events and Hospitality
Betsy Katekovich email Bingo Night
Melany Ward email Bingo Night
Melissa Mori N/A Book Fair
Kerri Sweeney N/A Book Fair
Sarah Waite N/A Book Fair
Shaye Brown email Diversity
Tiffany Batiste email Diversity
Shaye Brown email Donuts for Dads
Josie Tiedeman email Donuts for Dads
Izabella Attard email Exceptional Children's Week
Adiene Rasper N/A Kindness Week
Josie Tiedeman email Munchkins for Moms
Danielle Moskal email Munchkins for Moms
Shaye Brown email Munchkins for Moms
Susan Feddersen N/A Red Ribbon Week
Jennifer Thurman email Red Ribbon Week
Cindy Bolling email Spring Dance
Christie Estes email Teacher Hospitality
Laura Latham email Teacher Hospitality
Chelsea Blevins N/A Sneak A Peak
Pam Ainsworth email Sneak A Peak
Wendy Meyer email Co-VP of Communications
Megan Haralson email Co-VP of Communications
OPEN   N/A Directory
Elizabeth Lineberry email Marquee
Colleen DeGroodt email Room Rep Coordinator
OPEN   N/A Room Rep Coordinator
OPEN   N/A Volunteer Coordinator
OPEN   N/A SGC Liaison
Amanda Camp email Webmaster and Email
Adiene Rasper N/A Co-VP of Programs
Ashley Shepardson email Co-VP of Programs
Megan Jamison N/A Art EDventures
Lisa Whalen email Art EDventures
Jenn McAlphin email Copy Center
Jill Contu email Media Center
OPEN   N/A TLIM Coordinator
Adria Taylor email STEAM Coordinator
Missy Long email School Supplies
Rachel Yatteau email Yearbook
OPEN   N/A Yearbook
OPEN   N/A Yearbook
OPEN   N/A Yearbook
Jim Dwyer email Watchdog Dads