First LastName email Custom
LaToya Gray email Principal
Mimi Madrid email Co-President
Christie Estes email Co-President
Laura Latham email Secretary
Kelly Cravens email Treasurer
Traci McDuffie email Legislation
OPEN   N/A Parliamentarian
Kaleigh Mason email Teacher Liaison
Julie Stearsman email Co-VP of Enrichment
Elizabeth Deal email Co-VP of Enrichment
Julie Stearsman email Curriculum Enrichment
Jennifer Hawley email Grant Writer
Amy Padgett N/A Grounds Beautification
Lucille Higgins email Grounds Beatification
OPEN   N/A Support Husky Excellence (Check Writing Campaign)
OPEN   N/A Support Husky Excellence (Check Writing Campaign)
Elizabeth Deal N/A Field Trip Coordinator
Veronica Mehmedbasic email Survey
Kelley Jones email VP of Fundraising
Betsy Katekovich email Basket Raffle
Melany Ward email Basket Raffle
Kristen Vassar email Business Partners
OPEN   N/A Business Partners
Wendy Meyer email Carnival
Noelle Pedraza email Carnival
Hazel Kim email Zaxbys Spirit Nights
OPEN   N/A Family Nights Out
Jen McAlpin email Movie Night
Ashley Wheeler email Free Money
Becky Suid N/A Spirit Wear
Mariellen Ostwald N/A Spirit Wear
Stephanie McElheney N/A Spirit Wear
Jen Womack email Spirit Wear
Mita Bhatt email Co-VP of Events and Hospitality
    N/A Co-VP of Events and Hospitality
Betsy Katekovich email Bingo Night
Melany Ward email Bingo Night
Melissa Mori N/A Book Fair
Kerri Sweeney N/A Book Fair
Sarah Waite N/A Book Fair
Shaye Brown email Diversity
Tiffany Batiste email Diversity
Shaye Brown email Donuts for Dads
Josie Tiedeman email Donuts for Dads
Izabella Attard email Exceptional Children's Week
Adiene Rasper N/A Kindness Week
Josie Tiedeman email Munchkins for Moms
Danielle Moskal email Munchkins for Moms
Shaye Brown email Munchkins for Moms
Susan Feddersen N/A Red Ribbon Week
Jennifer Thurman email Red Ribbon Week
Cindy Bolling email Spring Dance
Christie Estes email Teacher Hospitality
Laura Latham email Teacher Hospitality
Chelsea Blevins N/A Sneak A Peak
Pam Ainsworth email Sneak A Peak
Wendy Meyer email Co-VP of Communications
Megan Haralson email Co-VP of Communications
OPEN   N/A Directory
Elizabeth Lineberry email Marquee
Colleen DeGroodt email Room Rep Coordinator
OPEN   N/A Room Rep Coordinator
OPEN   N/A Volunteer Coordinator
OPEN   N/A SGC Liaison
Amanda Camp email Webmaster and Email
Adiene Rasper N/A Co-VP of Programs
Ashley Shepardson email Co-VP of Programs
Megan Jamison N/A Art EDventures
Lisa Whalen email Art EDventures
OPEN   N/A Copy Center
Jill Contu email Media Center
OPEN   N/A TLIM Coordinator
Adria Taylor email STEAM Coordinator
Missy Long email School Supplies
OPEN   N/A Yearbook
OPEN   N/A Yearbook
OPEN   N/A Yearbook
OPEN   N/A Yearbook
Jim Dwyer email Watchdog Dads