The PTO needs you!

Whether you want to be an active volunteer every week, you only have time to help out occasionally or just want your membership fee support our school PTO - being a member of the PTO is for you!  The SHE PTO runs many important programs at our school, supports our administration and staff throughout the year and purchases technology and other valuable items for our school.

As a staff member or someone with a child at the school, you are already a member of the PTO.  However, to provide the programs and funding for the school in a manner that Supports Husky Excellence, we are asking for your support.

Please review the Donate tab now, and see how you can support Summit Hill.  Alternatively, if you'd like to volunteer time, go to the Volunteer tab and see what opportunities are available for you to make a difference.

What is the PTO?


PTO is an organization made up of parents, teachers, and other citizens in the community with a goal of providing the best learning environment so that all of our children can learn to be successful.


What does the PTO do? 

PTO's work for children. PTO members meet together, study problems, support teachers, volunteer in schools, and become informed on issues regarding children and youth. As a result, PTO members become better parents, teachers, and citizens.


How can parents benefit?

The PTO provides opportunities to meet and talk with parents who have similar worries. By sharing common concerns, they will feel more empowered to do the tough job of parenting. Being part of the SHE PTO results in parental support and makes school involvement easier. The PTO also provides educational opportunities. 

Ultimately, the SHE PTO provides the opportunity to serve, to volunteer, and to contribute to the welfare of all children, because children represent our future. The SHE PTO gives its members the opportunity not only to impact the local community, but to have input in major legislative and policy issues affecting children throughout the state and nation.